Enhancing Medical Cannabis Care

A mobile platform for professional healthcare practitioners, patients and dispensaries seeking to educate, treat, monitor and support patients and clients in the safe effective use of medical cannabis.


Lifestyle Medicine + Cannabis

We believe medical cannabis will become an important part of Lifestyle Medicine and Integrative Health & Wellness. MB360 makes it easy for individuals to get the information they need and to track medical cannabis usage and progress as part of an overall treatment that may include a combination of diet, exercise, meditation, supplements, and medical cannabis.


Monitor Usage & Track Outcomes

Know what products clients are taking, when, in what doses  – and the results they are achieving. Know what they are eating, how much they are moving, how much they are sleeping, whether key body metrics are improving. Our HIPAA-compliant platform captures the data you need to validate outcomes and improve care.

Patient-Ready Information & Protocols

Our Cannabis protocols and patient information were developed by the experts at Medical Cannabis Mentor, one of the leading authorities on safe, effective use of medical cannabis for healthcare professionals, dispensaries and patients. Protocols can be used alone or in conjunction with diet plans, or personalized for your specific program.


Evidence-Based Treatment

MB360’s secure, HIPAA-compliant platform gathers valuable aggregated data that will allow for measuring outcomes and establishing the efficacy of cannabis in treating specific health conditions. This gives practitioners the ability to confidently recommend highly personalized treatment protocols and guidelines.

The MB360 Medical Cannabis Solution


Practitioner, Dispensary, Researcher?

Find out how the MB360 Medical Cannabis Solution can help support your patients, your business and your research.

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Patients: Expert Guidance in the Palm of Their Hands

Successfully treating chronic health conditions with medical cannabis can be a daunting quest for those suffering through them. They are often left on their own to figure out what products, which delivery method, when to take them, and in what dose.

MB360 provides recommended starter protocols, basic information on medical cannabis, plus other lifestyle recommendations, all customizable by their practitioner.

Our powerful patient features include:

  • Access their own personalized health and wellness plan in a mobile app
  • Cannabis information  — documents, videos, app content
  • Recommended protocols
  • Cannabis product library and journal
  • Cannabis tracking — what, when, and how much
  • Reminders to improve compliance
  • Tracking of conditions, symptoms, sleep, exercise, and other body metrics.

Practitioners: Education. Products. Dosage. Usage. Results.

MB360 with MMJ Tracking provides a complete platform for recommending, monitoring, and tracking MMJ products, dosage, usage, and results.

Your patients and clients will be able to receive better information and support, and you’ll be better able to monitor the efficacy of medical cannabis along with other treatment protocols.

Cannabis features for practitioners include:

  • Suggested protocols for health conditions
  • Cannabis information and resources library
  • Complete visibility into products used, when and how much along with results
  • Daily progress metrics and Summary Reports
  • Access to training resources
  • Referral services for medical cards and cannabis coaches who can work directly with your clients.

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Dispensaries: Healthy Customer = Happy Customers = Loyal Customers

The MB360 platform allows dispensaries to provide premium customer care. With MB360, go beyond selling products to truly helping customer on their journey to health.

Cannabis features for dispensaries include:

  • Suggested protocols for health conditions created by the experts at Medical Cannabis Mentor
  • Complete visibility into products usage along with results allowing you to find the best products for each customer
  • Reminders to take cannabis, increasing compliance
  • Integration with POS system for accurate tracking and automated refill reminders
  • Access to training resources
  • Referral services cannabis coaches who can work directly with your customers.

Researchers: Go Beyond the Session with Comprehensive Longitudinal Data

We provide unparalleled ability to validate efficacy of cannabis for treating chronic health conditions by gathering empirical data on results and other lifestyle factors  that might impact efficacy.

We go way beyond the session capturing:

  • Cannabis products and usage
  • Other lifestyle data (diet, exercise, movement, supplements, meditation),
  • Key body metrics (weight, blood pressure, urine ph etc.)
  • Genetic information.
  • Over long time periods

Features for Researchers include:

  • Customize data collection – both passive and active
  • API access to data
  • Commissioned research

Are you medical cannabis researcher?
Find out how the MB360 Medical Cannabis Solution can help you capture high-quality data.

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