You believe Health & Wellness is a Journey.
You believe that Food is Medicine.
You believe that patients and clients are people first.
You believe that transformation begins on the inside.
You believe in addressing root causes, not just symptoms.
You believe in the power of relationship and community.
You believe you can make a difference.
We believe you’re right.

About MB360

A simple idea — an incredible journey.
MB360 is about the right idea at the right moment. The idea is a really simple one: create an app that any health & wellness coach or doctor can use to deliver their program and help their patients get well and stay well. And the moment is now — when the need for a new approach to preventing and treating chronic illness has become a global issue.

Right idea, check. Right time, check.
Sounds simple enough. But getting to that famous “A-ha” moment took many years. First we had to understand the link between lifestyle and health, we had to experience the power of making healthy choices, and realize that calories — they just don’t really matter.

A passion for health and wellness.
And an idea is still a long way from launching your own company, but we are finally doing that too, taking another big step on our own health and wellness journey. What drives us is a passion for health and wellness, and a strong desire to see the world become healthier.

Where we are going — together. 
Our mission is to empower integrative health and wellness practitioners to lead the world to better health. What sustains us is a sense of purpose. We envision MB360 as the bridge between you and your patients and clients — connecting you as their coach, cheerleader and advisor, and helping you manage and grow your practice sustainably and profitably.

We are committed to listening to you, the practitioner.
Whether doctor, nutritionist, coach or other health and wellness professional — to help you solve real problems and address issues, to constantly improve MB360, add useful features, and overall to improve your life and that of your patients and clients.

Trust and support.
With your trust, feedback and support, we hope that we can take this journey together.

Our Team

Kari Thorstensen
Co-Founder & CEO

Innovator, product development pro, and technology expert. She believes she can help make the world a healthier place by empowering practitioners to do what they do best: connect with their patients and clients, coaching them to health and wellness. A passion that mystifies her mother, since Kari did not eat one vegetable for the first 24 years of her life.

Ed Keenan
Co-Founder & CMO

Full Disclosure: For over 20 years, Ed has lived a double life – by day, a marketing expert who has worked with the world’s top brands and start-ups for over 20 years; and in his spare time, a former wellness center director, yogi, and health and fitness enthusiast. MB360 is his attempt to bring his passion and experience together to help the world get well.

Isabel Smith
Food Guru

Nutritionist, registered dietician, and fitness expert, Isabel is a life-long believer in the power of foods to make people healthier and happier.

Jaime Anderson
Customer Success Lead

IT Delivery Manager in a former life – turned Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer & Group fitness Coach. Jaime is dedicated to helping others find their health and wellness through a holistic approach to nutrition, fitness – and life.

Eric Olson
Director of Product Management & Development

After 15+ years leading customer experience at a top global fashion retailer, Eric drew on his experience as a competitive rower and coach to launch his own indoor rowing and fitness studio.  At MB360, he combines customer-centered product design and development with a passion for nutrition, health, and wellness. It’s all about making it easy for anyone to be successful and reach their wellness goals.