Increased Compliance
Better Health Outcomes
Additional Revenue





The Right Supplements

At the Right Time

Increase compliance and ensure your clients purchase the right high-quality professional grade supplements with MB360’s virtual dispensary integration.

We allow you to easily recommend specific supplements, set a dosing schedule, view compliance tracking data and even automatically send supplement reminders.

And best of all? Clients can easily order the exact supplements that you recommend directly from your virtual dispensary via your mobile App.

Supplement Recommendations, Information and Purchases in 3-Easy Steps


Select Your Dispensary Partner

Under settings select your dispensary partner. Don’t have one? No problem. Visit our partner sites to quickly create an account.


Recommend Specific Supplements

From your store catalog, select specific supplements for clients. Set the dosing schedule and provide additional notes.


Enable One-Click Easy Purchasing

Ok, this step is automatically done for you! Clients click the in-app shopping cart button to order directly from your virtual dispensary.

Our Supplement Dispensary Partners

Our supplement partners provide top-quality -professional supplements, affiliate commissions and great customer care.




Custom Store Integration

Have your own supplement ecommerce store? We easily integrate with most ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.