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New Feature: Weekly Client Progress Emails

September 19, 2022 - Kari Thorstensen

As you probably know, MB360 makes it easier to help clients stay accountable and compliant with the care plans you develop for them.

Now, we’ve added a new feature that will give clients an extra nudge each week — Weekly Client Progress emails.

What is it?

Weekly Client Progress emails are weekly messages that are automatically delivered to your client’s inbox. They give clients a snapshot of their progress and insight into where they need support.

The first progress email is sent to clients on Day 8 of their plan with insights and metrics from their first week. All subsequent emails are sent every 7 days until the completion of the plan, together with progress data from the week prior for comparison.

How It Benefits Your Clients

Weekly Client Progress emails help clients recommit to their goals and stay accountable each week. Every time they receive a new report, it will remind them of the commitment they made to themselves.

Weekly emails are another personalized touchpoint that can also help your clients feel more connected to you and your practice. Along with the automated reminders and messages delivered within the MB360 app, these weekly emails will show clients that your practice is on top of their progress.

How It Benefits Your Coaching Practice

Weekly Client Progress emails are automated for you. They require no extra work on your part to provide client support.

These weekly emails can also help create better client outcomes by reminding them of how far they’ve progressed. Seeing what they’ve done (or haven’t done) provides accountability in between appointments so that clients are more likely to stick with their plans.

What Do Clients See?

Clients will see their goals and any of the body metrics that the health coach has set them to track, including:

  • Goals
  • Weight Loss
  • Avoids
  • Condition
  • Movement
  • Sleep
  • Water
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Supplements
  • Meditation

Clients are automatically opted-in to get these emails. They can opt-out at any time in the footer of the email.

How to turn emails on/off

All MB360 practices are opted-in by default to send Weekly Client Progress emails.

Health Coaches can enable/disable emails at the practice level — turning them on/off for all clients — or enable/disable them for individual clients, as needed.

Clients may opt-out at any time by clicking the Update preferences link in the footer of the emails.

To see how it works, log into your MB360 practitioner portal.