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Meet Our Nutritionist (& Yours)

May 21, 2017 - Kari Thorstensen

MBODY360 would not be where we are today without the vision, experience and guidance of our food guru, Isabel Smith. A nutritionist, registered dietician, and fitness expert, Isabel is a life-long believer in the power of foods to make people healthier and happier, and it is in this spirit Isabel has contributed her expertise to crafting our menu plans, recipes, and more. 

The power of good food goes beyond her incredibly successful career as one of the top healthy eating visionaries in the world – for her, knowing what she knows about the differences and impacts of fresh and local vs. processed and mass produced foods on our bodies, Isabel understands Food as Medicine.

Isabel has changed the lives of hundreds of clients she has coached personally, helping them attain their nutrition, fitness, health and wellness goals. Now through her work with MBODY360 she’s making her knowledge and proven methods available to other practitioners.

“When I learned about MBODY360 and the concept of making information  and detailed plans available to people through a simple and fun mobile app, I was all in,” said Isabel. “When coaches are able to stay connected, to communicate and motivate their clients, and when those clients are empowered to participate in following regimens that will keep them on track and help nurture them toward their goals – everybody wins!”

Isabel is a life-long health, fitness and wellness lover, and began her passion at the young age of 11. Isabel has since pursued her dream become a trained fitness expert and health communicator, and has extensive experience in many areas of holistic wellness and Clinical Nutrition.

Isabel’s holds degrees in the following:

·        Bachelor of Arts, Health and Exercise Sciences, Gettysburg College

·        Masters of Science, Nutrition Communications, Tufts University

·        Didactic Program in Dietetics Degree, Simmons College

·        Dietetic Internship and Oncology Fellowship, New York Presbyterian Hospital

In her private practice, Isabel works as a concierge nutritionist for both individual and corporate clients including Fortune 500 corporations and their C-level executives. Isabel focuses on helping the individual be their very own-best, so whether that be through weight loss counseling or consulting for other health conditions (gut health issues, thyroid issues, hormone issues, kidney disease, cancer nutrition, diabetes and more), she creates completely individualized plans for each individual to help guide them to optimal health and wellness. Due to her method of working with clients, Isabel has been able to be extremely successful in helping clients of all different backgrounds reach their goals.

In addition to advising and helping our team build MBODY360, Isabel also works as a nutrition consultant for the Hospital for Special Surgery, Reboot with Joe, is an influencer for the app Menud, and has worked with brands such as KIND Snacks, Caesarstone Appliance, AB/Inbev, Biotta Juice and more. If side effects occur, Phentermine should be discontinued. You should switch to a drug with a different mechanism of action if you want continue treatment. If Phentermine causes addiction, and it ceases to give the desired therapeutic effect, you need to consult a doctor.

“We are so fortunate to have Isabel on the team,” Kari Thorstensen, founder and CEO of MBODY 360 said. “She has an in-depth understanding of the impact of nutrition on chronic illnesses and expertise in using lifestyle medicine to create successful outcomes in treating those illnesses.”

Isabel’s expertise goes beyond simply knowing what foods are good for what conditions. She also pays close attention to making sure she has the right amount of calories, carbs, fats, protein and sugar in every meal plan so that our practitioners and their clients don’t have to count calories. She also understands that easy-to-make, economical and tasty recipes are critical to a clients success in adopting a new diet. And her care shows, MBODY360 patients are not only noting great results on the our plans but also how much they like them.

Isabel’s work inspires us daily, and her work with organizations like Dana Farber Cancer Institute inspires many more to look at illness and disease differently, to open our minds and hearts to understanding the role of good nutrition, a commitment to fitness and the healing nature of general wellness in helping us avoid medical challenges – or deal with them when they do appear.

“Isabel has been practicing integrative/functional nutrition before it was even a concept!” Kari continued. “Her contributions to our start-up go way beyond the tremendous amount of effort, guidance and content she has provided. Isabel brings her bright and positive spirit into every meeting, every interaction, and is truly the heart and soul of our brand.”

Isabel’s media work and opinion have been featured in many online, national and international publications including Elle Magazine, O Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Glamour, Self and more. For a full list of Isabel’s media work click here.