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MBODY360 Wellness Store is LIVE!

January 1, 2021 - Kari Thorstensen

We are thrilled to announce our latest addition to MBODY360 — the MBODY360 Wellness Store!

Supplements are an important part of many lifestyle programs. They can support diet, exercise, mindfulness and other healthy habits to help people feel better. And they can help people prevent illness and achieve specific health goals.

The problem with supplements? There are literally tens of thousands of brands available. Each brand has different names, formulations, potencies, and widely different manufacturing practices and quality standards.

As a consumer, how do you know which supplements are safe, effective, and of the highest quality?

As a health practitioner, how can you easily recommend supplements that are right for your clients?

High Quality, Trusted Products

With the launch of the MBODY360 Wellness store, the MBODY360 team has curated an entire catalog of professional-grade products, just for MBODY360 users. Each product is rooted in clinical-science and produced with the highest-quality ingredients, in therapeutically relevant doses.

You can be sure that all of the supplements, nutritional detoxes, and herbal protocols offered in our store are made with premium ingredients that can help support chronic conditions and promote a higher quality of life.

No more competing with Amazon. No more MLMs.

Until now, there hasn’t been a really profitable way for coaches and trainers to earn money from clients through supplement sales.

Either your clients end up buying low-priced, generic brands of recommended nutrients —- that vary in efficacy, potency and purity; or coaches and practitioners would have to get involved in all kinds of organizations where recruiting and building your “downline” was more important than realizing real direct income.

Those Days are Over.

With the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you now have access to science-backed, clinical-grade supplements with proven potency and efficacy.

Now you can offer your clients the same high-quality supplements offered exclusively through doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists, and other licensed practitioners.

Even better — you will earn a generous 25% commission on each and every sale!

How to Start Earning More with Supplements

You have many ways to earn commissions, which can turn into a stable, recurring revenue source:

Assign supplements in MBODY360 —- when you assign nutrition plans to individual clients, you can also assign a supplement protocol through the portal. Your clients can order supplements on their own through the app, and they will get shipped directly to their doorsteps. Orders over $50 ship FREE in the US!

Send clients to the MBODY360 Wellness Store —- using your affiliate link, you can let your clients shop on their own for supplements, vitamins and herbs, detox kits, and more. The more they shop, the more you’ll earn.

Launch a group detox —- combine the power of MBODY360’s nutrition plans and MBODY360 Wellness Store supplements in your next group program or challenge. For example, you could assign several clients the Clean Eating Challenge plan and have them purchase the detox kit as part of your program.

Become an Affiliate and Boost Your Income

In order to start earning commissions through the MBODY360 Wellness Store, you will need to sign up as an affiliate of the store.

Sign up here to become an affiliate and start earning!

Find out more about how you can earn more as an MBODY360 Wellness Store Affiliate.