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How Grace Huey and Living Well Dallas Help Clients Succeed With MBody360

October 28, 2020 - Kari Thorstensen

Grace Huey is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach through The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. She is part of the team at Living Well Dallas, a highly successful Functional Medicine Clinic that brings multiple specialties together with mind-body medicine under one roof.

In the Living Well Dallas practice, every patient works with a practitioner and a coach. Once a patient has a plan from their practitioner, their health coach supports them in implementing their plan.

Grace works directly with Living Well Dallas founder Betty Murray, MS, CN, IFMCP, and they specialize in women’s hormonal health. She loves the Living Well practice model because she says that it helps create a strong bond between the practitioner, the health coach and the shared client.

“A lot of people will leave a Functional Medicine practitioner after their initial session and then they’re just completely overwhelmed or saturated with information,” says Grace.

“In our practice, after someone gets their initial lab review, they have a built-in visit with me. That helps them get really quickly into accountability. I can take what Betty and the team prescribes and help them make it a reality in their lives.”

Done-For-You Nutrition Plans Are a Time Saver

While Grace does offer clients personally-tailored diet plans, the done-for-you plans in the MBODY360 app can save lots of time and effort.

Grace frequently assigns the MBODY360 Adrenal Support and Low-FODMAP plans for clients. The Elimination diet and IF Cardiometabolic diets also help support many of the symptoms and conditions that her clients have.

“They leave my office with everything ready to go — diet, recipes, shopping list, and more. It’s very efficient,” says Grace.

Since everything is already in the app, you can just log in and pick the specific plan that will work for the client. And it also has all of the information that the client needs and the practitioner needs for the client to be successful.

Easy to Customize For Your Practice

Grace has revamped all of the daily messages and alerts for a few of the done-for-you plans to sound more like the Living Well Dallas voice and style.

Living Well Dallas has their own Metabolic BlueprintⓇ branded platform through MBODY360, and their clients receive the Metabolic BlueprintⓇ app. As part of their upgrade, Living Well also created their own custom plan to align with their prescriptions.

“We added one custom plan, and we have another one in the works with all of our own recipes and recommendations,” says Grace. “It’s great to have the flexibility to make the app work the way you want.”

Group Coaching Helped More Clients in 2020

Once the pandemic hit at the beginning of 2020, Living Well Dallas turned to online group programs to keep supporting clients.

Grace appreciates how easy it is to set up a group in the app, and for her to be able to message them all at one time. Having the ability to upload videos and documents to the group has also helped save a lot of time and effort.

“We have spent hours and hours of time formulating these documents and videos so that the participants are getting educated. We teach them how their thyroid and their hormones are affecting them,” Grace says.

“What I love about MBODY360 is that we can release those all at the same time and all the participants get the information right in the app. Once it’s done, it’s evergreen, and you don’t have to create it again.”

Grace Helps Clients Stay Accountable With Texts and Photos

When clients have questions about their plans, they can just text Grace through their app. A few quick messages usually resolves most questions.

And when clients are resistant to logging meals, Grace encourages them to take photos instead.

“It creates a different sense of accountability when you know that someone is looking at every picture of your food,” Grace says. “It makes them think twice about eating something off plan.”

“It’s easy for me to see if they are following their plan that way. I can see how many vegetables they’re eating compared to the portion of meat. Or I can look at their snacks and ask them pointed questions like ‘Did you feel satisfied after you ate that?’ which helps them consider their choices better.”

More Insight and Better Compliance With MBODY360

Grace and Betty have noticed that all of their clients have adhered to their plans better with the MBODY360 app than if they had given them a paper plan.

And if clients are not logging food, movement, supplements or body conditions, Grace can easily reach out with a text to check in.
“The accountability is in their pocket. And when I check in on them, it makes our clients feel cared for, seen and known,” she says. “They know that they’re not alone on this journey trying to change their eating habits and getting healthier.”