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5 Essentials of Online Coaching Software

July 14, 2022 - Kari Thorstensen

Having the right online coaching software in place can save hours in managing your business. A good system makes it easier for you to help your clients stick with their nutrition plans so that they get better results.

You might try to string together a few different apps to get all the capabilities you want — communications, meal planning and nutrition, and tracking. But the problem is that you need to constantly check multiple platforms and apps to stay on top of your work.
So you could end up spending more time toggling between applications than you do on actual coaching work.

That’s why the best online coaching software makes it easy for you to keep everything all in one place.

Here are the 5 essentials to look for in coaching software to get the best results for your practice:

Coaching Software That Streamlines Your Work

It’s now well-known that multitasking wastes more time than it saves. That’s because when you switch your attention from one task to another, it takes your brain an average of 25 minutes to fully make the transition. According to several studies, multitasking can waste up to 40% of your productivity.

So having an online coaching software that consolidates many tasks into one format can help you save time and get more done. Staying on one platform makes it easier to stay focused and check off your to-do list.

The MBODY360 practitioner portal enables you to monitor all of your clients’ progress in one place. You can see right away which of your clients are tracking well and staying compliant and which ones need more coaching support.

When you need to reach out to individuals or groups, you can use the text chat right within the portal — so you save time from switching between other programs.

Coaching Software That Lets Clients Track Their Metrics

The best online health coaching software makes it easy for clients to track their progress.

It should be simple to log meals and food eaten. But tracking can become very difficult when clients have to look up calorie counts or recipe ingredients just to put their meals into their app.

That’s why MBODY360’s app has one-click tracking for meal plans. And that’s why it’s easier for clients to stay compliant with their plans. And because the MBODY360 app also syncs with Apple, Android, and Fitbit, your client’s device can automatically do some of the tracking for them — logging workouts and other metrics.

Coaching Software That Enables Coaches to See What Clients Track

Before online health coaching software, you either had to rely on clients keeping track of their progress in a paper journal or remember what they ate and when they worked out. By the time you had your next coaching session, your client either forgot to bring their journal or didn’t remember what happened between sessions.

There are now many online health and nutrition journals that clients can use to track their progress. But as their coach, most software programs won’t allow you to log in and see what they’ve tracked.

With the MBODY360 practitioner portal, you have an instant snapshot of all of your clients. You can see exactly what everyone has tracked. So you know who is doing well and who needs more support.

Coaching Software That Offers Simple Communications

Many of the online health coaching software options don’t include an easy way for coaches to communicate with their clients. So many coaches end up switching between phone and video calls and between text messages and audio messages just to get in touch with clients. All of that switching between technologies wastes time and energy.

With MBODY360, you can get in touch with your clients from your practitioner portal. Clients will get notifications of your text messages through their MBODY360 app.

You can also initiate a video chat session with your clients through their app. So you don’t need to have fancy software or other subscriptions to have a one-on-one check-in call where you can see and hear how they are following their plans.

Coaching Software That Shares Information Securely

Healthcare organizations are required to follow HIPAA laws to protect patients’ information. HIPAA-compliant information sharing ensures that sensitive data about a patient’s health is only accessible to authorized users.

Because you work remotely with clients on their health issues, you will also want to ensure that their information is transmitted securely.

MBODY360’s practitioner platform and app are HIPAA-compliant and secure. So you never have to worry about whether or not your client’s data will be compromised.

Why Choose MBODY360?

MBODY360 is the leading online coaching software for health and wellness professionals. It is the premier system that includes client engagement and monitoring, communications, and coaching.

And when you sign up, you become eligible to automatically enroll as an affiliate of the MBODY360 Wellness Store, which provides a powerful opportunity to generate incremental recurring revenue.

Join MBODY360 and start powering your health coaching practice with the premier platform and app.